Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My First Love

Her name was Sandy. We would play. We were five. She went away.

At six a fever burned like flame. I never really knew her name. I wished my love would ease her pain.

A freckled tomboy down the way, could kick the can and make my day.

At eight was Laura all in curls, frilly dress, and bone white pearls.

Nine years brought Cindy to me. We passed a summer in our tree.

Then liking girls became uncool. I liked Sharee. I was a fool.

In my teens I had them all. Some were thin and some were tall. Their names, I’m sorry, I can’t recall.

Teresa was so light and free but her father did not like me.

Lisa came into my sight, a burning spirit shining bright. I broke her heart one summer’s night.

Not yet twenty, starting life, Julie arranged to be my wife.

Then children came, and money too. But loving days were very few.

She’d cut herself, and scream and shout. I took the children and got out.

Divorced and broken, all alone, Cheryl found me and became my home.

And even though she is aware, of who I am, she doesn’t care.

She loves the person deep inside, in every way she is my bride.

For her soul, I’ll always thirst. As for true love, she is my first.